Eye Examination

Eye Examination
An eye examination is a valuable part of preventative healthcare which can ensure healthy eyes and best possible vision throughout life. Your eyes will be examined both internally and externally to see if they are healthy.
As well as eye diseases like glaucoma and age related changes in the eye, such as cataract or macular degeneration, we may also spot signs of general health problems. If you should show signs of any of these, we can quickly start the referral process for early and effective management of the condition.

We  also offer OCT and retinal imaging, which are supplementary procedures that we highly recommend. They provide an improved overall view of the central retina that we also store for future reference and comparison.

The ‘sight test’ aspect of the eye examination is where we test the standard of your vision and enables, if necessary, to prescribe glasses or contact lenses to improve your sight.

Seeing well, being comfortable and looking good in spectacles or contact lenses will make an improved difference to your quality of life and general wellbeing.

What to expect from an Eye Examination